Lae koste klein staalplaat CNC plasma vlam sny masjien

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Toestand: nuut
Spanning: 220V / 380V
Gemiddelde drywing: 100W
Dimension(L*W*H): 6500x2000x600mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 160kg
Sertifisering: ISO9001
Waarborg: 12 maande
Na-verkope diens gelewer: Ingenieurs beskikbaar vir masjinerie in die buiteland
naam: portable cnc cutting machine
Cutting mode: Plasma& Flame Cutting
Control system: F2100B
Cutting thickness: 0.5-25 mm , 1.0-80 mm or more
Cutting speed: 4000 mm/min
Drive motor: step motor
Aandryfmetode: Rek- en wielaandrywing vir die X- en Y-as
Ry-modus: enkelkant
Drawing software: Auto CAD
Snymateriaal: metaalvlekvrye staal koolstofstaalaluminium

Product Introduction

Handyman is a single drive portable CNC cutting machine, which can cut any graphics you need with wide track structure design. Plasma cutting is a kind of processing method that makes use of the heat of high temperature plasma arc to melt (and vaporize) the metal at the cut of work place and eliminate the molten metal by the momentum of high speed plasma to form the notch. Flame cutting is used to cut carbon steel by the high temperature generated during the combustion of iron oxide , and the flame cutting torch is designed to provide sufficient oxygen to the combustion iron oxide to ensure a good cutting effect .


Parameter Data

machine:AC220V/50hz / palasma cutter: AC380V/50hz
Effektiewe snywydte
Effektiewe snylengte
3000mm /6000mm ( accept tailor-made length)
Cutting process
plasma/ flame
Sny dikte (vlam)
6.0-150mm (oxygen+acetylene or propane)
Sny dikte (plasma)
0.5-40mm Depending on the customer's plasma power supply
Sny spoed
20-3500mm/min (max.4000mm/min)
Sny akkuraatheid
Torch lifting distance
Maks 0,1 Mpa
Maks 0,7Mpa
Applicable gas type
Oxygen and propane or acetylene
Working interface
Chinese and English (other languages
can be customized)
CAD drawing conversion
nesting cut code
carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum sheets, galvanized sheets